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Hi honey! Thank you for taking an interest in my custom content for The Sims 4. I hope you enjoy using it in your game as much as I enjoyed creating it.
I've put together some guidelines that I kindly ask you to follow.

  1. Please don't re-upload my cc under any circumstances without my prior permission.
    This includes recolors, pre-made sims, override versions, cc folders, and packs.

  2. Recolors are allowed and encouraged.
    Please do not include my mesh in your download or package. 
    Also, credit me and link to the original post on Tumblr or the page where they can download it on the site.

  3. Age conversions of my cc are also allowed under the same conditions of recolors, but the link is optional.

  4. You may convert my CC to other games in The Sims franchise;
    I also ask for credits and, if possible, link back to my cc's post (optional).

  5. Converting my CC to non-Sims games is not allowed.

  6. Please do not edit my cc in any way.
    This includes using it to make your own CC, creating override versions, or making any other changes


I would appreciate it if you did not use any link shorteners. 

If you use my CC in a lookbook or showcase, please tag me at #candysims4 or @candysims4 on Tumblr and Instagram.

I always reblog recolors and conversions that follow my terms of use, and I appreciate the effort and creativity that goes into making them.
However, please keep in mind that if you don't follow my T.O.U., I will not reblog your post.

If you create a sim for download that features my CC, please tag me in your post. 

However, like recolors and conversions, I will only reblog sims' posts that use my CC according to my terms of use.


Regarding the reblogs/re-post, I'll not do it if you're using any link shorteners; please keep that in mind too.

Really thanks for reading and also respect my Terms Of Use.

I hope you enjoy playing with my cc, XOXO <3

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