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Don't know how to download cc on my site? There's a small tutorial explaining how to do it!

In case you have any issue with my cc or this site you can fill out this form, which I will try to fix soon as possible; you can also contact me; on this page, there are all the possible ways to contact me.

All these items are free to use, but I ask you to respect my terms of use.


These are all my old CC for download (items from 2015 to 2017).

There's an option to download all these items (and other ones from 2015 to 2017 too) in a .zip file,

that can be found here in Patreon (Only for Patrons).


These items are updated until update 1.43, I  have done a full test in them at update1.52 and also played/used them until update and they still working properly.

Thank you for downloading and using my cc! I hope you enjoy, XOXO <3 

Get all the accessories in this page in a single .zip folder in my Patreon page.

Exclusive for 3$ tier patrons.

Name of the item

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extra info, details, details, details.

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