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Terms of use?

You can see it here!

How would you define your items, maxis match or realistic?

Something between these two, more maxis match than realistic. I like to say it's a match maxis more "refined". For example jeans, I think very smooth EA texture, very simple, does not seem to be a different fabric, then make more

detailed jeans, with a more realistic texture, but not much not to escape the game and continue friendly to the game.

Do you take requests/comissions?

No, I don't.

Do you take suggestions?

Yes, of course. Especially in for color and prints.

But feel free to send me pictures of items (hairs, clothes and accessories of course) that you think would be nice to have in the game, I don't guarantee that I will do the item suggested or the item will look identical of the image, I might use base to create something new. As I do maxis match I am a bit limited.

I'm just taking suggestions by submitting it in Tumblr here.


Can you make a male/child/toodler version of ____________?

Maybe in the future.

Do you have one download for all of your creations?

Yes, I have. A .zip file with all my cc from 2016 to 2017 and another from June 2018 to June 2019, but it's only available for patron members. If you're interest please check my patreon page here!

Would you consider doing a project/collab with me?

Maybe. If you are interested please contact me by tumblr via private message so we can talk about it.

What programs do you use to create cc?

For 3d I use Blender 2.79 and 2.70 and Sims 4 Studio to create the .package file. For textures I use Photoshop CS6.

Do you answer asks?

Yes, only those that are not here, of course.

Where can I find?

Yes, but please check my wcif tag first.

When does your content come out?

One time a week, regularly, with new content posted Fridays or Saturdays (assuming I don’t get sick).

How can I support you?

First of all, THANK YOU HONEY. Your support means a lot to me, and I’m incredibly grateful. You can help by contributing to the Patreon - even as little as a dollar a month can help me continue creating content that you enjoy and I love making.

Computer Specs?

Windows 10 64bit

Intel Core i3-3110 CPU @2.40GHz

4GB Ram

Yeah, pretty low. :(

Your question was not here? Send it by tumblr! I'll answer as soon as I see.

XOXOand thanks for reading all!

Made with love by Candace Williams 

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