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Don't claim my cc as yours.
Please don't re-upload my cc.
Which includes: 
    - Sims pre-made
    - Recolors
    - Override versions
    - Packs
    and etc...

Recolors are allowed and very encouraged, but don't include my mesh (in the download file or in the package itself).
I ask for your link for the original post on Tumblr or the item's page here on my site without any link shortener. 

Age conversions are allowed, but please credit me.
Conversions to TS2/TS3 are allowed, but please credit me.
Conversions for other games aren't allowed.
Please don't edit my mesh or/and use my texture or part of it.
Which includes:

    - For make your cc
    - Override versions
    , etc...

Please don't put my cc in a pack or similar things.


If you use my cc in a lookbook, please tag me at #candysims4 or @candysims4. (It's optional)
I only reblog the lookbook that appears on my cc.

If you do a recolor/conversion of my cc, tag me too. (It's optional)
I always reblog recolors/conversions.
But keep in mind that if you don't follow my T.O.U. I will not reblog your post.

If you post a sim for download using my cc and tag me, I'll reblog your post. (It's optional)
Like the recolor/conversion if you don't follow my T.O.U. your post won't be reblogged.

Really thanks for reading and also respect my Terms Of Use.

I hope you enjoy playing with my cc, XOXO <3

In case of any doubt, you can always contact me; on this page, you will find a lot of options for doing it.

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