NAME: Candace Yamamoto Williams 

AGE: 21 Years

HOROSCOPE: Capricorn


SIMS 4 TRAITS: Geek, Perfectionist, and Foodie

My name is Candace, but you can call me Candy. 💖 


I'm a Brazilian girl, a proud mother, a lil bit addicted to work and my dream is being a game designer, because playing
is one of the passions of my life.


I use the tumblr and this site for share my sims 4 custom content with the world, and it makes me very happy.
I L-O-V-E see your sims using my cc, I find it soooooo cool
and makes all the work worthwhile.


I started create sims 4 cc in 2015 because sometimes I want some item, and anyone have done it, so i make it. 
At first it was very difficult but with much patience and practice I learned. 
A lot of my difficulty and the delay in learning was caused by my dyslexia and my anxiety, sometimes it takes me months
to learn something, so be patient with me.

I am currently creating hairclothes and accessories, sometimes I do shoes and poses, but it's kinda rare (I have created objects and make-up too), but of course I want to expand and create as many things as possible.
The next things I wanna learn to do is presets and traits.

Some facts about me:

  1. I chose this pseudonym (Candy/Candace) because I love candy. 

  2. The surname of this pseudonym (Yamamoto) is the same as that of my great-grandmother, whom I love very much
    and I miss her, so I put her last name, it's like a homage.

  3. I love a lot Lady GaGa, so much that I have a tattoo because of her, she inspire me a lot.

  4. My favorite foods are Niguiri, Condensed Milk, Açaí and Banana.

  5. Despite loving Sushi and several other fish dishes I do not eat much; I have allergies to all kinds of fish, both sea and freshwater.

  6. I have a variety of allergies, other than fish... I have allergies to any type of nuts (eg peanuts, walnuts, cashews, cashews, nutmeg, etc), latéx, cinnamon, insects (principally bees and wasps) and chlorine.
    And I also have lactose intolerance (I know I was not supposed to be eating condensed milk, but I like it a lot).

  7. I love a lot of animals, I have been for 3 and a half years protecting animals. I worked as a volunteer in rescue and vaccination of animals.
    After my pregnancy I never had time or health to do it again, but I intend to do it again if is possible.

  8. I was a ballet dancer, I danced for almost 4 years, but due to health problems and a fracture in the toe I can not dance anymore, medical orders :(. I even have danced the "Swan Lake" in a regional presentation, I was the Swan.
    It was one of the most tense moments of my life and it was my last performance.

  9. I love soccer, I played for years at school. I won a state futsal championship and that is one of the things that makes me very proud, since I always wanted to be a professional player. Unfortunately I can no longer do any kind of
    physical exercise that requires effort.

  10. I have extreme phobia of spiders and clowns. The kind that I can not even move and it looks like I'm going to have a heart attack.

I just put only 10 because that's what came to mind.

Maybe some day I'll update this page again haha

I'm glad for your interest in know a lil bit more about me and thanks for reading this large text, love y'all, XOXO