NAME: Candace Yamamoto Williams (alias)

AGE: 22 Years

HOROSCOPE: Capricorn

PRONOUNS: She/Her and He/Him, it depends on the day but I really don't feel offended, don't worry. If you want to you can use They/Their.

SIMS 4 TRAITS: Geek, Perfectionist, and Foodie

My name is Candace, but you can call me Candy. 💖 


I'm a Brazilian Girl/Boy, a proud mother/father, a little bit addicted to work and my dream is to be a game designer because playing
is one of the passions of my life.


I use Tumblr and this site to share my sims 4 custom content with the world, and it makes me very happy.
I L-O-V-E see your sims using my cc, I find it soooooo cool
and makes all the work worthwhile.


I started to create sims 4 cc in 2015 because sometimes I want some item, and anyone has done it, so I make it. 
At first, it was very difficult but with much patience and practice, I learned. 
A lot of my difficulty and the delay in learning was caused by my dyslexia and my anxiety (and in part my depression), sometimes it takes me months to learn something, so be patient with me.

I am currently creating hairclothes, and accessories, sometimes I do shoes and poses, but it's kinda rare (I have created objects and make-up too), but of course, I want to expand and create as many things as possible.
But who knows?! I love learning new things, about a lot of kind of thing, but mostly languages, astronomy, cultures, paleontology, and of course Sims 4 cc hahaha

Some facts about me:

  • I chose this pseudonym (Candy/Candace) because I love candy. 

  • The surname of this pseudonym (Yamamoto) is the same as that of my great-grandmother, whom I love very much

    and I miss her, so I put her last name, it's like a homage.

  • I love Lady GaGa a lot, so much that I have a tattoo because of her, she inspires me a lot with her songs and her entire career. Her songs were my safe place when the world was too noisy to still listening for

Fun fact: By the time I have done the first version of this text, more than a year by now (07/21) I still love a lot Gaga and my tattoo is already old and never get retouched, so it's fading and turning blue and kinda blurry but I can't hate it even the face of the unicorn looks a bit weird because it reminds me that there's nothing wrong in me and I'm born and beautiful in my way. Also that we are all born superstars, for anyone hide in regret and we all have to just love ourselves and you're set. And always remind, I love you all from the bottom of my heart. 

  • I have an extreme phobia of spiders and clowns. The kind that I can not even move and it looks like I'm going to have a heart attack.

I just put only 5 because that's what came to mind.

Maybe someday I'll update this page again haha

I'm glad for your interest in the know a little bit more about me and thanks for reading this large text, love y'all, XOXO