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Released at:

September 11, 2019


- Base Game Compatible
- Teen to Elder
- Made for Female Frame
- Custom Thumbnails
- Disabled for random
- 274 swatch colors in total divided by 13 categories

  • Solids (30 swatches), as the name suggest you will find plain colors.

  • Patterns (20 swatches), some cool prints with flowers, tie dye, plaid, etc.

  • Cats themed (15 swatches), prints with the theme cat.

  • Dogs themed (15 swatches), same as cats but with dogs instead.

  • K-Pop (25 swatches), in this you will find prints of some kpop groups, like BTS, Black Pink, CnBlue, Twice, etc.

  • Pop (25 swatches), in this there is some album covers of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, P!nk, etc.

  • Rock (25 swatches), same as pop category but with rock bands/artists instead, like Rammstein, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, etc.

  • Simlish/Sims themed (30 swatches), in this you will find some cool prints in simlish and some patterns based in the sims, like a cowplant pattern.

  • Geek (30 swatches), in this category you will find some cool prints of movies, series and games, for example Friends, Skyrim, Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, etc.

  • Witch (15 swatches), because of the new pack I decided to add some cool witch based prints for your witches.

  • Steven Universe (15 swatches), because of The Movie I couldn’t resist and have done some swatches with prints and patterns based in the serie that you guys know I love so much.

  • Disney Princess (14 swatches), when I was searching some prints for the top I find some cool prints based in their casual looks in “Ralph Breaks the Internet”, for me they looks pretty cute so I decided do a separate file for they.

  • Miscellaneous (15 swatches), as the name suggest there’s some random prints.

- You will find in TOP/T-SHIRT

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