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- Base Game Compatible

- Teen to Elder

- Female Only

- Custom Tumbnails

- Disabled for randoms

- 274 swatch colors (in 13 categories)

The categories are:

  1. Solids (30 swatches), as the name suggest you will find plain colors.

  2. Patterns (20 swatches), some cool prints with flowers, tie dye, plaid, etc.

  3. Cats themed (15 swatches), prints with the theme cat.

  4. Dogs themed (15 swatches), same as cats but with dogs instead.

  5. Kpop (25 swatches), in this you will find prints of some kpop groups, like BTS, Black Pink, CnBlue, Twice, etc.

  6. Pop (25 swatches), in this there is some album covers of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, P!nk, etc.

  7. Rock (25 swatches), same as pop category but with rock bands/artists instead, like Rammstein, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, etc.

  8. Simlish/Sims themed (30 swatches), in this you will find some cool prints in simlish and some patterns based in the sims, like a cowplant pattern.

  9. Geek (30 swatches), in this category you will find some cool prints of movies, series and games, for example Friends, Skyrim, Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, etc.

  10. Witch (15 swatches), because of the new pack I decided to add some cool witch based prints for your witches.

  11. Steven Universe (15 swatches), because of The MovieI couldn’t resist and have done some swatches with prints and patterns based in the serie that you guys know I love so much.

  12. Disney Princess (14 swatches), when I was searching some prints for the top I find some cool prints based in their casual looks in “Ralph Breaks the Internet”, for me they looks pretty cute so I decided do a separate file for they.

  13. Misc short name for miscellaneous (15 swatches), as the name suggest there’s some random prints.

- You will find in TOP/T-SHIRT

UPDATE - 03/10/19

- Fixed the issue of need the Solid version for work the Prints versions. 

I ask for if you have any of the Prints versions and don't have the Solid version to please re-download.

Sorry for all the inconvenience.

UPDATE - 11/03/2021

- Added two print conversions from english to simlish. 

Both prints are in Simlish/Sims Themed Category. This update is totally optional.




- Don't (re)upload my creation(s) to other sites.

- Only link to my original post on tumblr. 

- Recolors are very welcome and apreciate! But don't include my mesh.

- Don't claim my creation(s) as yours.

- Don't edit my meshes (read my full TOU for more info)

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