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This page is dedicated to receiving submissions and suggestions for recolors and conversions of my custom content. 

Here you can submit the post, etc., and it will be featured on one of my pages: Recolors of my cc and Conversions of my cc.

Also, CC Creators that permitted me will be on Featured Creators' page to credit them, plus a link to their Tumblrs.


To add your post to my recolor or conversion of my item page, I will need a way to contact you to confirm the submission in case of non-previously confirmation of permission to post of the creator.

All creators that permit me will be listed on the page, plus links to their Tumblrs and image proof of it

Also, in case of need to ask you for more information about the item, inform issues on links, or notify you of any problem with following the Terms of Use. 

It will be by direct message on Tumblr.

If you want to, you can submit a photo for the cover of your item here on the site.

It's optional; if you don't send it, I will pick one of your original posts that fits better.

Choose Photo

If you need to change the photo, don't hesitate to get in touch with me at any contact option I dispose of.
There's a list of options here.

If this box isn't checked, this form will be classified as a cc user suggestion.
They are also added, but first, I will personally ask the creator for permission to post it.

Thank you for your submission!
As soon I see it and verify everything that's needed, it will be added to the page. 

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