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HOW TO decompress .rar files


Most parts of my cc are in .package download, but some (that with more than one version) are in .rar files. For being easier and faster for you to download (and don't need download one by one file) I put in a compressed file called .rar.

For compress and decompress I use WinRar program, that's free for download and I know works propelly.

This tutorial is useful for download my cc and other creator's cc.

To use this tutorial you will need:

  • The WinRar program, that you can find here!

  • The file that you wanna decompress.

First of all let's instal WinRar program.

* If you have already the WinRar installed in your pc you can skip this step!!

I'm instaling in a Windows 10 pc, I don't have any idea how to install it on Mac, but I think is easy to find a tutorial in Google.

Step by step tutorial with pictures bellow:

Now let's decompress the file.

For this tutorial, I'll use my "Moonlight Hair" that comes in 2 versions and 2 color palettes, so in the end, we have 4 .package files.

Step by step tutorial with pictures bellow:

You don't know how to install the sims 4 cc, here is a tutorial of how to do it.

That's all guys, I hope this tutorial has been usefull for you, XOXO

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