This tutorial is explaining how to download cc on my site. In other creator's site may be similar or not.

There's three option: 

  1. The direct download; just click on the button "download" and will start the download automatically, all files are hosted in Mediafire. 

  2. The Sims Resource; you will be redirected to download the item on TSR's site. (Not all the items are available in The Sims Resource)

  3. Patreon; that option is only for Patrons, that you will have access to all my items without the ads (from the site itself or TSR), three to one week of early access (it depends on which tier you sign up), you will support me and more, you can find more info here!

If you don't know how to install Sims 4 cc there's a page that has a small tutorial about it.

HOW TO REPORT that some
of my CC is WITH an ISSUE:

There are four options for it;

  1. Send me an ask on Tumblr here;

  2. submit a post on Tumblr here (In this option you can send photos);

  3. send me a direct message on Tumblr here;

  4. submit a form on the "REPORT A ISSUE" page here.

All the links above will open in another tab.​

I only ask for it is possible to send me a picture of the issue and some details, like when/where it happens.

It will help me find out what I need to do and fix it soon as possible.



I hope this mini-tutorial has helped you.

If you don't know how to install Sims 4 Custom Content I have a tutorial explaining how to do it over here